Our Story

Tyler Witthoeft

Owner of Active Body Burnaby. His store has been running for over 5 years with a successful healthy food and smoothie bar, meal prep service, full assortment of health supplements, vitamins, sports nutrition and fitness apparel. Tyler and his wife build custom nutrition & training programs to help their customers achieve their fitness goals with confidence! They take so much joy in seeing their customers succeed, making them feel like apart of the Active Body family!

At a young age Tyler loved being active and pushing his body to new limits weather it was playing sports, kick boxing or competing in bodybuilding. He is a certified personal trainer with a lot of experience from being a high level bodybuilder competitor for the past 7 years. Tyler is an extremely passionate person when it comes to health, fitness, balance and has a encyclopedia of knowledge about supplements. His body reflects discipline & health, he knows how important it is to have a balanced life fuelling your body with clean food and quality supplements. Tyler wont let a customer leave his store without knowing about their goals, educating them on how to get to their goals faster, healthier and more enjoyable!

Tylers mission for his store is to have a one-stop shop, for anyone looking to take their health fitness goals to their optimal potential to live a long, balanced active lifestyle!

Andrea Witthoeft

Owner of Active Body Burnaby. Andrea had fallen in a deep passion for health and fitness when she was about 17 years old due to her own personal health issues & depression. She extremely passionate about educating females about health, balance, hormones and how they play a major roll in your long-term goals, whether its optimal health & quality of life, fat loss or muscle building. She has her ISSA personal training certification & used to compete in fitness shows. Andrea has loved to cook ever since she was young. She pursude her passion for cooking and completed her first level in Chef Culinary school. Her love for health & fitness went into her passion to cook healthy food and made it taste super flavourful & satisfying. Being creative is one of her gifts & it defiantly shows with her cooking skills! She has started a very successful food prep business called Health Styles Cafe that services all over the lower main land. Andrea knows how important healthy, whole, clean food is for the body & goes over the top for her customers when they are struggling with their health & fitness goals. She loves educating, inspiring and teaching people about their health, & how their body is a gift, you have to love it and feed it fuel to live a healthy, active, joyful life!

Andrea's mission is to reach woman who struggle with body image, training, hormone imbalances & proper holistic nutrition to educate & help all woman reach their optimal wellness.

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We hope to accomplish this through motivation, education and inspirational living that transforms the mind, body and soul to create an everlasting change.

"Dear Friends, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well". - 3 John 1:2