• pictures/almond-chicken-caesar-salad.jpg

    Free-range chicken breaded with spiced crushed sliced almonds, organic, shredded romaine lettuce & kale, organic grape tomatoes, grilled turkey bacon with a side of homemade mustard garlic Caesar dressing!

    Protein: 28g Carbs 4g Fats 16g

  • pictures/pesto-chicken-zucchini-salad.jpg

    Free range chicken, organic zucchini noodles, sliced organic grape tomatoes & green and black olives and chopped raw walnuts all tossed in our fresh creamy basil pesto cashew sauce!

    Protein: 25g Carbs 9g Fats 18g

  • pictures/chicken-cobb-salad.jpg
    Free range chicken, free run omega-3 egg, organic shredded romaine lettuce, sliced organic grape tomatoes & cucumber, grilled turkey bacon with a side of home made fresh paleo ranch dressing! Soo Goood! Protein: 28g Carbs 4g Fats 15g
  • pictures/butternut-lasagna.jpg

    Delicious grass fed beef layered with butternut squash, organic tomato sauce & diced tomatoes, organic coconut milk, organic spinach and loaded with fresh Italian herbs. Topped with our homemade cashew cheese! MORE CHEESE PLEASE!

    Protein: 27g Carbs 20g Fats 17g